What is a Reasonable Timeline for Your Dental Office Renovation?

Posted by HJT Design

Dental Office Construction Timeline discussion

From time to time, you’ll want to renovate your dental office and freshen up the look and feel around the place. Renovation lets you change up the workplace and add better functionality and style, both for a broader appeal and for maximum utilization.

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Timing Considerations

Although renovations add a lot of functionality and positive style to your office, they may be disruptive and might affect the way you operate for a period of time. Without proper planning and agreements with your contractors, your dentist office renovation may take too long and this will negatively affect business.

If the renovation takes too long, your business could be down for a month or longer and the expenses will increase. If the renovations are rushed, the final look might not be as impressive and the contractor might end up omitting important details. This dilemma leads to the question of what should be the ideal timeline for a dentist office renovation?

Planning Your Renovation

For a dentist office renovation to be successful, there needs to be enough planning to ensure you reach a design that fulfills your needs.. The exact amount of time taken will depend on a few factors. The size of the dental office and the original design will affect the amount of time required to renovate the office.

The amount of customization needed by the owner will also count. Finally the time-management and competency of the contractor you hire will affect how long it takes to renovate your office.

What to Expect

A typical dental office renovation includes two major phases, the planning phase and the actual renovation and construction phase. The planning phase is not as invasive on the actual day to day business of your dental office and normal work can continue while the designers plan the renovation. The construction period requires that normal dental office activities come to a halt until the renovation is done.

Depending on the size of the office, amount of detail and overall complexity of the project, dental office renovation can take 3-5 weeks. Anything below 7 weeks is considered reasonable. Unless something goes wrong, anything that lasts more than 8 weeks should raise eyebrows because it will be inconveniencing the business owner and the patients as well.

Remember, each project is a unique entity and the aforementioned periods are not fixed to every dental office renovation project out there. To reduce the amount of time taken to renovate your dental office without jeopardizing the quality of the final look, you need to hire a competent designer with good time management abilities.

As far as such contractors go, contact the consultants at HJT. We will get your dental office renovated quickly and beautifully with the best design ideas. Contact us today and we will schedule your first consultation!